Pyramids of Egypt

Pyramids of Egypt

Slot machine test: pyramids of Egypt

And once again brings us a slot in the ancient Egypt. Why not. Any symbols not lacking, as mystical circumstances and treasures, which has left many a Pharaoh. So the mercury slot "Pyramids of Egypt" gives a coherent image, what is nourished by graphics and sound. Managed the design and also the content has no place to hide. 96,35% should be the theoretical payout percentage which applies for these slots. There has seen far worse prospects. You can make a picture of the overall good slot among others at Sunmaker Casino. The slot has actually no line, which means that all rows from the left to the right count. This result is again and again smaller to medium-sized profits, which can improve your account.

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Pyramids of Egypt online game

In "Pyramids of Egypt" a lot of things, but no bonus features waiting for you or free spins. But this should be no disadvantage for your chances, because only four rollers and a clear number of icons his turn very often appropriate winning lines. The advantage is that the symbols together must be not even necessarily directly. It is only important that depending on a subject is the series on one of the rolls. And if there are several symbols that can be analysed, the gains are summed up simply.

The strength and also one chance by "Pyramids of Egypt" is located straight in the free distribution of the series, as this can grow smaller winnings to a good total. The symbols themselves are inherently limited. The four letters either bring the bet as profits or with an icon more in the series, the double of three symbols. The same applies to the Pharaoh's insignia. These symbols so only bring something in large quantities, but there are also opportunities in "Pyramids of Egypt".

The symbols on the slot game pyramids of Egypt

The scarab beetle and the CAT are only valuable when three of the same symbols in themselves, but in a series of four that looks different. The same applies to the Ankh symbol. The most weight on the profit level brings even the pyramid. There is no wild and scatter symbols in "Pyramids of Egypt", so there will not be big profits. When a full screen of a symbol of the prize doubled at least.

Slot machines instructions by pyramids of Egypt

Also if "Pyramids of Egypt" has its own characteristic advantages, so the slot machine in its entirety can keep up with the industry leaders. The slot machine is in between but quite suitable for a small game. If you would like to make you a picture of it, you can do free of charge and without registering at Sunmaker casino that. However, there is real profit only with genuine usage. To do this you must register online but then.

Before a new round, you can start with "Start", is played, you can bet change. €10 are the highest usage. A look on the paytable shows the resulting profit opportunities. The multiplier of the profits remains the same in "Pyramids of Egypt", but of course higher income means higher usage. If you want it slightly more convenient, you can automatically start the rollers using the auto start function. Before you can set how many rounds will be automatically launched.

"Pyramids of Egypt" holds

at least two last cards in his hands. There were still the two risk variants, which can be used optionally for a profit. At the risk of the cards on a color touch or but hope for a balanced chance to the next level of the risk manager. In both cases there is chance and risk at the same time, either to increase the profit or lose everything. Always a good option, for higher amounts you should lose at low profits but risk not from the eyes.

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